The Workout


Armageddon is the fast paced, variable intensity group fitness and personal training concept for people of all levels and led by certified fitness professionals. It is based around a circuit framework, carefully designed to encourage development in your fitness and aids in both fat loss and muscular improvement.

The class is a mixture of group fitness VIIT, innovative component design solely based upon body weight and a unique blend of intensity levels that encourage fast results and continuous progression.  Armageddon is not a bootcamp, it is not merely a circuit training class, it is results based variable intensity training for everyone.  #nomoreexcusestraining

armageddon-fitness-concept-pic-1.jpg  armageddon-fitness-concept-pic-1.jpg

The concept has been a huge underground success around the UK for the past few years with its’ creator, trainer Richard Callender, eventually taking it onto our screens as part of his intensive and effective training regime on ITV1s The Biggest Loser.
What has made the concept such a success is the original blend between functional fitness training, a pulsating soundtrack and high levels of fitness instruction and motivation from your Armageddon Trainer - who can be found in the Instructor Listing area for verification.

One of the most important aspects about Armageddon is that it has been devised to effectively train participants regardless of age, sex or ability and allows the instructor the freedom to utilise their own experience and skills whilst creating a fun, exercise environment.  We believe that by helping people out of their comfort zone, training at a level higher than they are accustomed and using our combined wealth of fitness knowledge we can get a results based concept that is effective, addictive and fun for everyone.  Armageddon is personal training in a group fitness environment.   Burn calories, develop lean muscle, improve your health and fine tune your fitness in an Armageddon session with your Trainer.



Richard Callender, Creator of Armageddon Fitness -

"I created Armageddon Fitness back in 2008 to take a step back to the future and run a high intensity interval training class with a difference.  I wanted to target speed, strength and stamina but without the limitations of equipment and so Armageddon was born.  Over the years I have taught sessions to all types of people; elite athletes, students, the military, severely deconditioned individuals and everyone inbetween and I am yet to teach the same session twice because Armageddon is constantly evolving and I am constantly learning..."